Darkweeks matches shows and producers. The website will help theatre companies to find venues for their shows and will help venues to fill their dark weeks.

Darkweeks will work with all SIT venues across the UK. Our aim is to help place shows in the most suitable venues, this will be especially useful in the case of sudden cancellations, double-booking or unexpected success. Our website can also be used for the planning of tours, both weekly and one-nighters.

If you are a SIT venue, please register with Darkweeks in order to gain complete access to the website.

Once registered, a venue can post a listing with all the relevant information on a forthcoming dark week(s). The listing will automatically be shown on the website for anyone to view.

The Darkweeks concept has been put together by theatre producers and venue owners Ovation Theatres. With over thirty years experience of producing shows and running venues, Darkweeks has been designed for venues and producers by theatre practitioners.